Alliance HR Services Training :
Alliance HR Services is an integrated HR solutions provider that helps you to meet your needs for various trainings, floor- support and Management development programs.
We have 10 full-time trainers, a few of which are certified technical trainers. We have trained more than 10,000+ executives in the last few years across various industries.
1. Corporate Training:-
Alliance HR Services is one of the Leading Corporate trainers who has Certified Trainer, In today's corporate world, the need of the hour is for quick action, smart thinking and effective people skills qualities that are more effectively developed in an experiential setting than through classroom training. Alliance HR Services Outbound programs are customized to meet and deal with the challenges of the corporate world.
2. Soft Skills Training:-
Alliance HR Services Provides Retail Soft Skills Training as it has a significant impact on Personality Development. The Soft Skills Training conducted by Alliance HR Services focuses on elements of Training and Development that require changes in behavior and thinking.
Alliance HR Services Training Materials are usually designed and developed by corporate experts based on analyses of training needs as per the requirements of the clients.
3. Voice and Accent Training:-
A lot of reputed multinational companies, mainly in Alliance HR Services offer training programs on voice and accent, but such courses are generally given in-house, to employees who have been assessed as being right for the training. That is a candidate after being absorbed with the company can get trained in-house.
4. Product Training:-
Alliance HR Services offers a variety of product training courses to help customers create innovative learning content and to take advantage of product functionality for efficient business results. We provide a full line of roles-based, hands-on, and results-oriented training for Banking, Manufacturing, Insurance & other Sectors.
Alliance HR Services handles trainings are vital if manufacturers are to improve productivity, maximize machine utilization, and achieve optimum equipment performance. Effective training also impacts positively on the reduction of scrap and rework, and helps boost employee confidence.
5. IT Training:-
Alliance HR Services Join Hands with Priority Technologies Training Division for IT trainings. The demand for IT professionals in all areas remains consistently high. A career in IT will ensure you have better prospects, better quality of life and the ability to earn more money. Many of our Alliance HR Services students are reaping the benefits of working in the IT industry, enjoying high incomes.
About Priority
Priority Technologies a fast growing development & Outsourcing company offering incomparable services, first -class products and impeccable and cost-effective solutions with Offshore Development Center in Hyderabad. Priority Technologies consulting services are central to the success and strategy of Priority Technologies. The knowledge, skills and methods used by consulting teams around the world, combined with technical, systems integration and outsourced managed services capability within Priority Technologies, enable the development, implementation and management of major business and IT programs that are core to the strategic goals and long-term success of all businesses.
6. Train and Hire program:-
Alliance HR Services started a Program T&H (Train & Hire). We do train and hire students who are looking for a career in IT, Management, Service Sector and who can also work under BPO. We provide training on various technologies and based on performance we engage them on to different projects. Alliance HR Services has many requirements for our internal process and for our clients.
7. College Placement Training:-
Alliance HR Services has a special division to handle Campus placements & Trainings. The Placement & Training handles all aspects of campus placements for the Bachelors and Master students. The Placement & Training Cell is well equipped with excellent infrastructure to support each and every stage of the placement processes. The Alliance HR Services Placement & Training staff members assist in arranging Pre-Placement Talks, Written Tests, Group Discussions, and mock Interviews etc.
8. Faculty Training (Train the Trainer Program):-
Alliance HR Services
9. Management training:-
Alliance HR Services
10. Business development training:-
Business development in Alliance HR Services Hr is a professional services firm is about engaging and enhancing relationships, developing trust, providing value, and leading conversations to find out what is really going on in your clients’ worlds, and how you can best serve them.