Alliance HR Services Consulting:
Alliance HR Services offers integrated HR advisory & implementation services to our clients. Art of the Alliance HR Services HR is in keeping the good networking and bringing the right impulses to the network of the contacts, as they want to bring something new into their organizations.
Alliance HR Services Offerings:-
  • Design & development of HR Policies
  • Creating Rewards, Balance Score Card & Recognition program's
  • Payroll Management
  • Compensation Survey & Benchmarking
  • HR Consulting for starting new business
  • PCMM Implementation/Certification
Design & development of HR Policies
Alliance HR Services Provides practical information to organizations on how to develop HR policies and procedures. We guide to design for small to Middle Level Companies. It will be useful to those who are just beginning to develop policies and those who are reviewing and updating existing policies. We do provide tailor made HR Polices according to company requirements.
Creating Rewards, Balance Score Card & Recognition program's
Alliance HR Services creates programs which helps companies to calculate, evaluate employee's performance through programs. This will also help companies to recognize employee needs, promotions, Incentives and rewards.
Payroll Management
We act as a payroll processing arm of your organization. Our payroll specialists take care of enrollment forms, run payroll and even handle employee queries pertaining to individual salaries.
Compensation Survey & Benchmarking
Alliance HR Services provides Services like Benchmarking which will help company to do compensation process efficiently and correctly. Benchmarking is the foundation of appropriate salary assessments and market comparisons. Clearly, Benchmarking is the skill that impacts your organization.
HR Consulting for starting new business
Alliance HR Services work hand -in-hand with our customers to identify HR areas where there is scope for improvement. Based on their findings, we offer tailored solutions to mitigate them.
PCMM Implementation/Certification
Alliance HR Services services provide People Capability Maturity Model – PCMM Implementation, which is a maturity framework that describes the key elements of managing and developing the workforce of your organization. We also provide services for PCMM Certification.